You have searched the world for a vacation spot that is undiscovered and off the beaten track and you will find it in American Samoa.

For here is a holiday destination like no other in the Pacific. For the eco tourist, our lush tropical rainforests are vast, offering challenging hiking trails and breathtaking views, to the surrounding ocean waters filled with abundant sea life, like whales, dolphins, turtles and exotic fish. Go diving and view the brilliant colored reefs and fish, or try a spot of game fishing and hook a tuna, marlin or sailfish.

For those seeking a low impact sight seeing experience, our group bus tour or small group bus tours are idea for those that are interested.

If it’s shopping you came for, then you will be surprised at the vast and very inexpensive range of American and international goods on island.

For the history buff, our Historic Preservation Office has provided listings of our Territory’s US Naval history. Your tour can include gun implacements at Breaker’s Point that protected the Pago Pago Harbor entrance during World War II.

If you just want to get away, pack a few books and switch off your cell phone we can help you do that too!

Just connect with us, and tell us what your're looking for and we can help create an ideal indivualized experience for you.