Cruise Boat Special

Are you coming to our island by cruise boat and have a limited time to get in the best America Samoa has to offer? Many of your new friends and ship mates will debark the boat and find themselves with two choices. The first will be to wander about the isalnd within a mile range of Cruise Ship, simply exploring the market place, and populated areas of our harbor area, maybe riding local transit down the bus line and back to see from the window, what our island has to see. Some will find mass tours available taking tourists to some of the most densely visited locations on our island.

You, however have a choice to enjoy a tour that will make your photos and stories unique from the average tour experience and will provide many memories for years to come. Your North Shore tour will take you over the mountain ridge to the pristine white sandy beaches, majestic lookout points and wonderfully isolated scapes our island has to offer.This guided tour through the National Park of American Samoa with 5 scenic stops,including beachcombing, is the top sightseeing excursion to the North Shore of American Samoa..

You won't find this tour on your cruise menu, we don't pack a bus with people who walk off the boat each trip. This is a bus tour which requires a minimum of 10 people to charter the bus, and should be arranged a minimum of 48 hours in advanced to ensure some of the ammenities we provide our tour guests are available.. If you are looking for this tour but are a couple or small groups, please see the Tutuila Special Tour.

Pago Pago Harbor taken from Malaloa