Our Tutuila Special site seeing tour can offer a combination of museums, historical sites and serene locations arround our beautiful island. These include: Jean P. Haydon Museum, Ocean Center, and the National Park Visitors Center. You can visit various locations of the American Samoa National Park system, with five (5) scenic stops. Additionally we have a variety of options for short walks, beachcombing, and long hikes through the jungle to breathtaking views.

  • Our interpretive guides will cover subjects like
    • Natural and Cultural History.
    • Native plant uses.
    • Current island affairs.
  • Transportation is provided including: pick up and returns by private vehicles or by bus with larger groups.
  • Total time runs from 4 - 8 hours depending on your desire to stay longer in some areas.
  • Transportation is provided using private motor vehicles.

Looking towards Aoloau

Looking towards Cockscomb Island